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If you are a potential caregiver and interested in learning about employment opportunities, please email your resume to Liz@BeverlyHC.com.

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Welcome To Beverly Home Care!

Beverly Home Care is a home care agency serving Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. Beverly Home Care offers a heavily screened and highly trained staff to perform a wide range of quality home care services, from skilled nursing to companionship, for clients of all ages-pediatrics to geriatrics. We provide safe and effective services in the comfort and security of our clients’ homes in order to improve their health status and enrich the overall quality of their lives.



Kate Jones

Do you sometimes feel so trapped in the middle between your children, work, home, activities, and aging parents?  You are not alone! 

Deinition: SANDWICH GENERATION: Those sandwiched between aging parents who need care and/or help, and their own children.

The Profile: 

  • Represent 22.9 million households (21% of US)

  • 1 of every 8 baby boomers are raising a child AND providing some form of support to a parent

  • 59% of caregivers work either full time or part time

  • Typically spends more than 20 hours a week providing care

Care Recipient Profile:

  • 80% are 50 years or older; average age is 66 years old, typically female widowers

  • 75% of care recipients do not live with a caregiver, 55% live in their own home

Caregiver Needs:

  • Finding time for oneself

  • Managing emotional/physical stress

  • Balancing work and family responsibilities

  • Helping to keep te person they care for safe.

Remember, you can't help anyone if you don't take care of you first!

  • Keep the "law of 7's in mind

    • 7 hours of sleep each night

    • 7 glasses of water

    • 7 miles of exercise a week

  • Eat right!  When we are stressed or rushed, we either skip meals or eat unhealthy food on the road.  Don't do that!

    • Publix, Kroger, Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joes etc. have healthy foods that are pre-packaged for meals on the go like apple slices, pre-made salads, and sandwiches

    • Eat protein for breakfast!  It will sustain you longer through the day.

  • Keep up your own health and wellness plan

    • Regular doctor and dental appointments

    • If you're sick, take time off and get well

  • Continue those things that are important to you being you

    • THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!! Don't forget that!

    • Keep running or playing tennis or reading or going to concerts

    • Keep your dates with your spouse and friends


    • You can't do it alone.  No one expects you to but you.  Let go!

    • Delegate

    • Appreciate the help that is offered and accept it

    • Remember, sometimes people don't know what to offer, so they say, "is there anything I can do for you?"  It is a sincere question.  The answer is "YES!"  Let them help you

    • Hire respite help.  Professional companies help for a reason-we love it!  And we are good at it!  If you need a night off, or a week off, or an hour off, just call.  There's help!